Compost ‘Drop & Swap’

Compost Drop and Swap Update – Temporary Closure

Dear friends of Drop and Swap,

Thanks to the huge interest in reducing landfill, we have been inundated with kitchen scraps for our garden compost, so much so that all our compost bins are filling up so fast that the contents rarely have enough time to break down.

We have received a grant for establishing a new compost area with additional bins. Contractors are due to start work some time in April. This means that we shall not be able to accept your kitchen scraps from 14 March 2019 until the work is completed.

The format will be different in that everyone using the new compost area will be given their own numbered bucket, with instructions on how to take part in the new scheme. To give us an idea of numbers, please register your interest by emailing us on, so we can keep you informed of our progress, and notify you of the launch of the new community composting scheme. There may be a party. 🙂

Updates on the work can be found on our Facebook page, or here

Please help us by lining your empty bucket with newspaper (no plastic, rubber or metal, please), tearing up any cardboard (compostable plates, cups, egg cartons), removing rubber bands and those annoying little plastic stickers from fruit etc., crushing eggs and roughly chopping larger chunks of veg  👍🙂compost-sticker-e1551500167972.jpgSo, if you’d like to know if something is safe to put in, please do not hesitate to ask (in Comments, or via email). Thanks for helping to reduce landfill and methane production. Did you know that the anaerobic breakdown of organic matter can produce some very smelly gases? For details click here

If you would like to acknowledge the work of our volunteers by making a donation to the garden fund, bank details can be found on the membership page. or under donate